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New and Used Forklift Financing: Your Ultimate Guide

With the rise in industrial and warehouse demand, there’s an increasing interest in financing essential equipment like forklifts. Most companies opting to purchase these tools are considering financing, with a significant portion turning to equipment leasing companies for assistance.

Determining Your Forklift Financing Payments

When contemplating forklift leasing, understanding your potential payments becomes paramount. Ensuring you can handle these monthly outflows and confirming they allow you to maintain a profit margin are foundational.

Your Qualification for Forklift Leasing

Financing a forklift, or any hard asset, is generally attainable for most businesses.

If you’re in the market for a brand-new forklift, and your business has been operational for over two years with a strong credit record, you’re likely to secure low-rate financing. However, newer businesses or those with a less-than-ideal credit score might need to approach an equipment leasing broker.

Qualification Criteria at a Glance:

Established Businesses (2+ years):

    • Good credit (640+): High likelihood of qualification, sometimes even with zero down.
    • Fair credit (600-639): Typically requires the first payment upfront.
    • Poor credit (<600): Qualification depends on business revenue. A 10-20% down payment may be necessary, and in certain cases, collateral might be required.

New Businesses (<2 years):

      • Good credit (660+): Generally, only the first and last payments are needed upfront.
      • Fair credit: Requirements vary but might include security deposits or collateral.
      • Poor credit (<600): Often necessitates a 50% security deposit or collateral.

Decoding Forklift Leasing Payments

Your payment structure is influenced by factors like business tenure, credit quality, lease duration, and the type of lease end agreement, whether a $1 residual or a real residual.

For businesses considering a substantial forklift purchase, payments differ based on creditworthiness and business age. It’s essential to understand that rates for poor credit can fluctuate based on lender risk perception.

Understanding Rates for Startup Forklift Leasing

Startups inherently face steeper leasing rates than more established entities with equivalent credit profiles. This increased rate accounts for the risks linked with new ventures and the absence of a comprehensive business history for underwriters to evaluate.

While rates might seem high, they reflect the inherent risk associated with new business owners, especially those with compromised credit. However, the main factor is whether the anticipated cash flow from the equipment justifies the cost of financing. If the expected return doesn’t offset the high rates, it might be wise to reconsider the acquisition.

Why Opt for Our Forklift Financing?

Specializing in forklift financing, we offer an effortless application process, competitive rates, and swift approvals. Benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Quick, streamlined applications.
  • Predictable, fixed-rate monthly payments.
  • Industry-leading approval speed.
  • No additional collateral requirements.
  • Hassle-free financing with no business restrictions.
  • Flexibility in leasing or financing any make or model, including used forklifts.
  • Instant pre-qualification without credit checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Forklift Financing FAQs

Our rates adapt with market conditions, ensuring they remain competitive.

Yes, we offer fixed rates, ensuring consistent monthly payments.

Typically, within a few hours and almost never exceeding a business day.

Only the equipment being financed is required as collateral.

Absolutely! We even offer financing options for used forklifts.

Yes, instant pre-qualification is available without a credit check.

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