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We have solidified our position as the industry leader in business equipment financing and leasing. Our unparalleled expertise extends to the provisioning of financial solutions for heavy machinery, restaurants, medical, farming, and high ticket business equipment.

Our clients trust us not merely for our competitive rates, but also for our deep understanding of the heavy equipment domain, which allows us to tailor our financing options to the specific needs and challenges of each business. As businesses grow and industries evolve, we remain committed to providing innovative financial strategies that empower our clients to achieve their operational objectives, ensuring they have the essential machinery at their disposal without the strain of hefty upfront costs.

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Equipment Financing & Leasing FAQs

Equipment financing is a type of business loan that provides flexible financing solutions, allowing businesses to acquire necessary equipment by making payments over time. This approach reduces the need for large upfront costs.

The main advantages of equipment financing include:

  • Preserving capital
  • Increasing cash flow
  • Securing fixed low rates
  • Benefiting from flexible terms
  • Potential tax deductions
  • Acquiring equipment without large down payments

Equipment financing allows businesses to remain competitive by obtaining the latest equipment without significant upfront expenditures.

The process typically involves submitting a simple application form. Once evaluated, if approved, the funding can be disbursed promptly, offering businesses faster access to funds compared to traditional bank loans.

A broad range of items can be financed, including but not limited to:

  • Technology
  • Machinery
  • Vehicles
  • Office tech
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Heavy construction machinery

Absolutely. Financing options cater to both brand new and pre-owned equipment, ensuring businesses have access to essential tools, irrespective of the source.

With equipment leasing, businesses pay to use the equipment for a designated period without owning it. On the other hand, equipment financing allows businesses to purchase and own the equipment while repaying the loan amount over a specified duration.

Businesses may enjoy significant tax advantages under Section 179 of the IRS tax code. This provision lets companies deduct the full purchase price of qualifying financed equipment during the tax year.

Equipment leasing can provide businesses with several tax advantages. One of the most notable benefits is the ability to treat lease payments as an operational expense, which means these payments can be deducted fully as a business expense on your income statement during the tax year. This can reduce taxable income and potentially lower a company’s tax liability. However, the exact tax benefits can vary based on the lease structure, terms, and prevailing tax laws. It’s always recommended to consult with a tax professional to understand the specific tax implications and benefits for your business and situation.

While the credit score is a factor, qualification for equipment financing isn’t solely based on it. Multiple factors are considered during the approval process.

Yes, companies from diverse industries, including healthcare, construction, IT, and more, can avail of equipment financing solutions tailored to their needs.

Paying off your equipment financing loan ahead of schedule is typically allowed, but the benefits or specifics might vary depending on the terms of the agreement.

At the conclusion of an equipment financing term, the equipment is usually owned by the business. However, exact details might differ based on the particular financing agreement.

Upon submitting a streamlined online application, and 3 months bank statements, businesses can generally expect a decision within a few hours.

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Step 1. Find the Equipment You Want:

Begin by identifying and selecting the business equipment that best suits your business needs, whether it’s anything from heavy machinery, restaurant equipment, farming equipment, medical equipment or high ticket business equipment.

Step 2. Apply With Us:

Once you’ve chosen your desired equipment, simply apply with us through our straightforward application process. Our team will promptly review your application and guide you through any additional requirements.

Step 2. Get Funded:

Upon approval, we’ll quickly provide the necessary funding, ensuring a seamless acquisition of your chosen equipment. Now you’re all set to boost your business operations with the best tools at your disposal!